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My name is Sister Leslie Marquen, and I've been performing various White & Black magic techniques for many, many years. I'm extremely gifted at what I do, and I've helped more people with each other than I can count. My specialties are issues relating in love and repairing broken connections. My methods for eliciting favor in the spirit world cannot be matched. If you are looking for efficient, fast and reliable spell work performed on your behalf, you have come to the right place. Every session I cast on your behalf is recorded and sent to you after the session is complete, so you can review my methods to your satisfaction. My techniques do not harm people, and I don't perform magic that is intended to do so. All requests to perform are subject to my approval. If your case does not meet my criteria for casting, I will not perform the ceremony.

Energy Spells
Love Spells
  • Core Energy Spell
  • Channeling Spell
  • Ward Off Magic
  • Radiate Love (Energy Form)
  • Draw Attraction
  • Reconnect With Ex Lover
  • Repair Broken Bond
  • Rekindle Romance
  • Fresh Start Love Spell
  • Gay Love Spells
  • Better Sex Spell
  • Attract New Love
  • Enhancement Love Spell
  • Save The Marriage Spell
  • Lust Spell
Voodoo Spells
  • Break Up Spells
  • Cause A Rift
  • Money Spells
  • Success Spells
  • Loss Of Recognition Spell
  • Bakulu Release
  • Debinque Onoi
  • Confused Turmoil
  • Your Services
Voodoo spells are black magic spells?

The popular image of Voodoo in the Western world is one of frightening dolls with pins and black magic spells. Actually, Voodoo is one of the world's oldest religions. Voodoo came to the West during slavery. Voodoo in West Africa is a word that means "spirit". The religion came from Africa, but the Voodoo we know today was structured in Haiti. A variety of different ethnic groups merged their ancient religions and formed the Voodoo that we now know. 

The fundamental philosophy of the religion is that absolutely everything in the cosmos is connected. There are no coincidences and nothing happens by chance. Everything you do to a person you do it to yourself, because that person and you are connected together in a harmonious state. 

Voodoo spells consist in prayers, dances and rituals. Sometimes, they also include animal sacrifices. The figure of the serpent plays has an important role in Voodoo spells as the high priest or priestess personify the power of the snake. The high priest has a huge authority and gives spiritual advice when requested. He or she is also considered a healer and work with herbs and medicines. The knowledge of Voodoo priests has been passed on by previous generations. 

There are protection spells, love spells and spells to heal. The image of black magic spell and Voodoo spells was brought by Europeans who had a mistrust of this African religion. 

In Brazil, Voodoo is called Candomble, and Obeah in the Caribbean. It’s even an official religion in Haiti since 2003.

I will be adding more and more various spells I use as I update this site. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact me and ask.
I encourage everyone who is interested in spell work to use the Live Chat system here on the website. Even if I'm offline, simply send me a message and I'll respond quickly and we can set up a consultation. I never charge you for advice, nor will I pressure you into using my services. I love to help those in need, and enjoy fixing things for people. My services are highly skilled, and I pride myself on getting results for people quicker than other Spell Casters. If you are looking to repair a relationship, I'm the woman you need to deal with.

Here's an overview of some of the more popular spells I perform for my clients. I only list the spells I am confident using for you. I have been performing these spells for years, and I'm very seasoned with them.

Bring New Love Into Your Life:
If you're waiting to meet that special someone, then I recommend you having this love spell performed. The spell starts off. The spell starts off
generally with your energy being amplified to attract new love. This spell is a 2 day ritual where an altar is created for you and I offer you to the spirits to allow new entry in your life. This ritual is a celebration to the spirits to help distribute your energy to new people, and bring your match to you. This spell typically sees initial results in 2 weeks and is fully matured within you in 7 days after the initial signs manifest. 

Let me use my gifts to help heal your life, 
reconnect your relationships, and grow spiritually.
Louisiana Wonder Woman 2008. All Rights Reserved. I never sell, rent or distribute your personal information in any way. All consultations are confidential, unless you intend to harm yourself or others. In these situations I will notify local law enforcement accordingly.
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